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ak y peI shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a person's normal way of earning a livelihood; profession.
Teaching was one of the few occupations open to women at that time.He wrote "accountant" as his occupation on the form he was given.
business, métier, pursuit, vocation
similar words:
avocation, calling, career, employment, job, lifework, line, livelihood, living, profession, trade, work
definition 2: an activity that someone engages in, particularly as a hobby.
Bird-watching became her favorite occupation after she retired.
similar words:
hobby, pastime, task
definition 3: the act or process of living in or staying in a place.
The cat's occupation of the dog's bed was amusing to everyone but the dog.The building is unsafe and unfit for human occupation.
definition 4: the act or process of militarily holding or occupying a foreign land, usually after the defeat of its forces.
The victors of the war began their occupation of the defeated nation after its surrender.
similar words:
annexation, conquest, domination, overthrow, possession, presence, seizure, subjugation, takeover
definition 5: the state of being occupied or held after an overthrow of the government by an outside force.
The U.S. occupation of Japan after World War II lasted six years.
similar words:
colonization, possession
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    having to do with an occupation or a workplace.
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