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ak y peI shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a person's normal way of earning a livelihood; profession.
Teaching was one of the few occupations open to women at that time.He wrote "accountant" as his occupation on the form he was given.
business, métier, pursuit, vocation
similar words:
avocation, calling, career, employment, job, lifework, line, livelihood, living, profession, trade, work
definition 2: an activity that someone engages in, particularly as a hobby.
Bird-watching became her favorite occupation after she retired.
similar words:
hobby, pastime, task
definition 3: the act or process of living in or staying in a place.
The cat's occupation of the dog's bed was amusing to everyone but the dog.The building is unsafe and unfit for human occupation.
definition 4: the act or process of militarily holding or occupying a foreign land, usually after the defeat of its forces.
The victors of the war began their occupation of the defeated nation after its surrender.
similar words:
annexation, conquest, domination, overthrow, possession, presence, seizure, subjugation, takeover
definition 5: the state of being occupied or held after an overthrow of the government by an outside force.
The occupation of Japan after World War II lasted six years.
similar words:
colonization, possession
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    having to do with an occupation or a workplace.
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