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o shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the vast expanse of salt water covering approximately three quarters of the earth's surface.
Many fish live only in the ocean and not in rivers or lakes.
sea, seven seas
similar words:
briny, drink, high seas, hydrosphere, main, wave
definition 2: any of the major divisions of this expanse.
The Pacific is the largest of the earth's oceans.
similar words:
Arctic Ocean, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean
definition 3: a huge expanse or quantity.
Our room looked out at an ocean of wildflowers.His performances received oceans of praise from the critics.
deluge, host, mountain, sea, volume
similar words:
flood, mass, pile, raft, slew, spate, torrent
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Word History
Ocean is from an ancient Greek word that means "great river surrounding the earth." Okeanos was the Greek god of the ocean.
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broader category including ocean
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