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part of speech: preposition
definition 1: used to indicate distance or separation from.
within a foot of the doorThey were cheated of their opportunity.
definition 2: used to indicate origin.
the natives of the mountains
definition 3: used to indicate cause or explanation.
He died of a serious wound.
definition 4: made from.
a blanket of wool
definition 5: used to indicate something in apposition.
that fool of a politician
definition 6: containing.
a pail of water
definition 7: connected with.
the back of a chair
definition 8: characterized by.
a man of integrity
definition 9: before; until.
ten minutes of six
definition 10: belonging to.
the home of a friend
definition 11: concerning; about.
a discussion of politics
definition 12: named or specified as.
the land of Oz
definition 13: with respect to.
She is hard of hearing.