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parts of speech:
adverb, preposition, adjective, noun, transitive verb
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: away from a surface.
His hat blew off.This wallpaper is coming off.
similar words:
forth, wide
definition 2: away from a point or position.
Our dog ran off, and we haven't seen her since.He was angry and walked off.
definition 3: so as to interrupt or stop operation.
He turned the radio off.
definition 4: from a specific path or course.
The road is heading off toward the town.
definition 5: away from a job or post.
She took a day off last week to go to a funeral.
definition 6: into an unconscious state.
He drifted off while sitting in class.
definition 7: so as not to be supported or connected.
She cut her long hair off.
definition 8: at a distance in space or with respect to future time.
Spring is a long way off.
definition 9: so as to be interrupted or ended.
The engagement was broken off.
definition 10: absolutely; totally.
Finish it off!
definition 11: so as to be divided or delineated.
They will mark off a playing field.
definition 12: into being or effect.
The celebration will come off tomorrow.
definition 13: so as to be on the way.
We will start off late next week.
definition 14: from the price.
taking ten dollars off
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: away from the surface of.
The plane rose off the ground.
definition 2: no longer connected to or with.
The handle is off the cup.She is off the council now.He's off his insurance.
definition 3: not currently engaged in or involved with.
The guard is off duty right now.He's finally off the phone!
definition 4: below.
on sale for twelve dollars off the regular price
definition 5: at the expense of.
living off one's family
definition 6: staying away or abstaining from.
She's off sweets because of her diet.
definition 7: near but some distance away from.
a park off the main street
definition 8: (informal) from.
He borrowed five dollars off me.
definition 9: through the use or consumption of.
She is living off her investments.
definition 10: below the normal level or standard of.
an athlete off his game
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: not connected, attached, or touching a surface.
He looked different with his hat off.
definition 2: not running, flowing, or in operation.
It's hard to turn the steering wheel if the engine is off.We used candles when the electricity was off.
definition 3: canceled.
The parade is off because it is raining.
definition 4: inferior; spoiled.
This meat is off and should be thrown out.
definition 5: free from work.
The interns try to catch up on sleep during their off hours.I'm off tomorrow, so I'll be free for lunch.
in, working
definition 6: inaccurate; incorrect.
My guess as to the final score was way off.
definition 7: slight; remote.
There is only an off chance that any actor will become very famous.
similar words:
definition 8: more distant; far.
I saw them standing on the off side of the deck.
definition 9: different from what is standard or usual.
I noticed your swing was slightly off today.This has been an off year for sales so far.
similar words:
definition 10: beginning to leave.
He is off to school.
definition 11: in a certain condition.
In matters of money she is well off.
part of speech: noun
definition: the fact or condition of being off.
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: offs, offing, offed
definition: slang to kill; murder.