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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
in order, in order to, out of order
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a direction or command.
Soldiers must the follow orders of their commanding officers.
command, dictate, direction, directive, instruction
similar words:
behest, bidding, call, charge, decree, demand, diktat, edict, fiat, imperative, injunction, mandate, ukase, word
definition 2: a request or direction to produce or deliver goods, or such goods themselves.
I placed an order for two textbooks, but I haven't received them yet.This is not my order; I asked for the roast beef, not the steak.
similar words:
goods, request, supply, warrant
definition 3: that which is made for one upon request or delivered to one as requested.
The customer requested a large pizza, but he never picked up his order.I decided to get a small order of french fries with my hamburger.Her order of a bathroom rug was late in arriving, so she checked the website she ordered from to find out what happened.
definition 4: the way something is organized or arranged in space or time.
The items on this list are not in the right order.The book titles are in alphabetical order.
similar words:
arrangement, array, classification, configuration, disposition, form, organization, position, series, shape, structure, succession, system
definition 5: a state of rational, systematic, or intelligible arrangement or organization.
Is there an order to the universe?He knew he was dying and wanted to put his affairs in order.
similar words:
harmony, organization
definition 6: condition with respect to function or operation.
The car is old, but it is in good working order.
condition, repair
similar words:
adjustment, operation, shape, state, trim
definition 7: adherence to the rules and laws of a society; social or civil peace.
The police were unable to keep order during the riot.
anarchy, chaos, confusion, disorder
similar words:
calm, control, discipline, quiet, tranquillity
definition 8: the established course of things, esp. political.
The radicals wish to change the current order.
establishment, power structure, system
similar words:
administration, government, management, regimen, structure
definition 9: in biology, the subdivision of a class.
Turtles and snakes belong to different orders of reptiles.
similar words:
subclass, suborder
definition 10: usual or customary way of proceeding.
Getting up at dawn and having a big breakfast was the order of the day on the farm.
convention, custom, practice, procedure, routine
similar words:
manner, mores
definition 11: a society of persons of a common profession or with common interests.
My father belonged to the Order of Moose.
association, organization, society
similar words:
brotherhood, club, confederacy, fellowship, fraternity, guild, sisterhood, sorority
definition 12: a society of priests or nuns.
Sister Mary Agnes joined the order when she was just eighteen.
similar words:
community, denomination, sect, sisterhood, society
definition 13: degree, as of size or magnitude.
The two earthquakes were of a similar order.
similar words:
class, grade, position, rank, scale
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phrase: in order, in order to
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: orders, ordering, ordered
definition 1: to command or formally instruct.
The police ordered everyone to leave the area.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ] The judge ordered that the prisoner be released.[verb + (that) + subjunctive clause ]
command, demand, direct, instruct
similar words:
adjure, bid, charge, dictate, enjoin, require, tell, will
definition 2: to direct or request the production or delivery of.
I ordered my new curtains online.We ordered our food an hour ago, but it still hasn't come.Could you order me a cup of coffee when the waiter comes?[verb + object + object ] He sat down and ordered himself a beer.
similar words:
call, request, requisition
definition 3: to put in order; organize.
He ordered the books on the shelf by topic.
arrange, array, organize
discompose, disorder, disorganize
similar words:
classify, collocate, coordinate, dispose, marshal, methodize, range, rank, sort, straighten, systematize
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to command or issue instructions.
You must do as I order.
command, dictate, direct, require
similar words:
bid, demand
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phrase: out of order
derivations: orderless (adj.), orderedness (n.)
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