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part of speech: auxiliary verb
definition 1: used to indicate what is considered to be morally correct or responsible behavior.
We ought to help the poor.Ought we to refuse to fight if we believe that killing is wrong?You ought not to break your word.Oughtn't we to do what we know is right?
definition 2: used to indicate what is expected or probable based on logic.
They said the flight is on time, so their plane ought to arrive soon.
definition 3: used to indicate advisability or appropriateness.
We ought to go home now before the snow gets heavy.You ought to take your medication every day.You ought to wear something more formal to the wedding.They ought not to speak so disrespectfully to their mother.
definition 4: used to express the speaker's opinion of what is proper or correct, even if the reality is different from this opinion.
Why is this towel here in the living room? It ought to be in the bathroom.These kids ought to be in school, not out here on the streets.There ought to be a law to prevent this kind of thing from happening.