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par tI shn
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the division of something, such as a territory, enclosure, or concept, into parts.
The partition of the animal pen separated the chickens from the goats.The partition of India caused the creation of Pakistan as a nation.
division, splitting
similar words:
divide, segmentation, separation, subdivision
definition 2: that which serves to separate or divide, esp. a wall or partial wall that separates parts of a room.
The partition in the basement separates the laundry room from the storage area.
divider, screen
similar words:
barrier, division, fence, separator, wall
definition 3: the state of being divided.
The partition of post-war Germany ended in 1990 with the reunification of East and West.
division, separation
similar words:
segmentation, subdivision
definition 4: one of the parts into which something is divided.
The family live in the larger part of the house, and the tenants live in the smaller partition.
division, part
similar words:
allotment, portion, section, segment, share, stall, subdivision
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: partitions, partitioning, partitioned
definition 1: to divide into parts or sections.
The farmer partitioned the field into several smaller plots.
divide, part, section
similar words:
segment, separate, split, subdivide, zone
definition 2: to separate into parts using one or more dividing walls or partial walls.
We partitioned the classroom to make three offices.
similar words:
divide, separate
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derivations: partitioner (n.), partitionist (n.), partitionment (n.)
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