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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
come to pass, pass away, pass on, pass out, pass up
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: passes, passing, passed
definition 1: to go past; move beyond.
I pass her house every day on the way to work.We passed a gas station a few miles back.The truck was going slowly, and all the cars were trying to pass it.
similar words:
bypass, eclipse, exceed, excel, leave, outdo, outstrip, overtake, surpass
definition 2: to skip or disregard.
Let's pass this for now, and go on to the next one.
similar words:
forget, ignore, overlook, slip, waive
definition 3: to go across or through (something).
The bus passed the checkpoint an hour ago.We'll be passing the Canadian border soon.
similar words:
definition 4: to cause to move.
She passed the thread through the eye of the needle.
move, put
similar words:
advance, convey, discharge, eject, emit, send, slip, transmit
definition 5: to hand or convey to someone else.
Please pass the salt.Could you pass me that envelope?[verb + object + object ] She passed the message to him under the table.
give, hand
similar words:
bequeath, carry, convey, deliver, grant, send, transfer, transmit
definition 6: in some sports, to throw, hit, or otherwise transfer (a ball, puck, or the like) to another player.
The soccer coach reminded the players to pass the ball to each other.Come on! Pass me the ball![verb + object + object ]
similar words:
flip, hurl, lob, send, throw, toss
definition 7: to circulate.
A newspaper passes information.
circulate, distribute, spread
similar words:
advance, broadcast, disclose, disseminate, impart, relate, tell
definition 8: to complete (a test, course of study, or the like) successfully.
She passed the math exam.
similar words:
accomplish, achieve, complete, finesse, finish, fulfill, hack
definition 9: to give an acceptable grade to (a student) or recommend for advancement to the next level of education.
His exam was not of high quality, but the teacher passed him anyway.
definition 10: to sanction; approve.
The committee passed the motion.
approve, sanction
similar words:
accept, adopt, authorize, clear, enact, legitimize, OK, ratify, sign, validate
definition 11: to live through; spend.
She passed her vacation at the shore.
similar words:
live, occupy, while
definition 12: to express; pronounce.
He will pass judgment on the issue.The court passed its verdict on the case this afternoon.
express, pronounce
similar words:
announce, aver, declaim, declare, deliver, offer
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to move along; proceed.
The circus used to pass through this town.The parade will pass by the city hall.
go, move, proceed
similar words:
advance, drift, progress, roll
definition 2: of time, to go along or go by; elapse.
The time passed slowly while we were waiting.An hour passed before we were able to see our son.
elapse, go
similar words:
advance, flow, move, proceed, progress, slip, waste
definition 3: to approach someone or something, then move beyond.
The car ahead of me started to speed up while I was trying to pass.
similar words:
bypass, move, overtake
definition 4: to cross or go through something.
The guard let the soldiers pass.You will have to pass through the mountains at some point.We looked up as the clouds passed over the moon.
definition 5: to move from one place to another; circulate.
The news passed quickly through the community.
circulate, move
similar words:
advance, carry, flow, go, proceed, progress, spread, sweep
definition 6: to be conveyed.
The antique table passed from generation to generation in the family.
similar words:
carry, circulate, descend, devolve, flow, move
definition 7: in some sports, to throw, hit, or otherwise transfer a ball, puck, or the like to another player.
The quarterback should have passed instead of trying to run.
similar words:
definition 8: to be communicated.
No words passed between them.
similar words:
definition 9: to come to an end.
The crisis finally passed.
cease, disappear, end
similar words:
blow over, close, depart, dissipate, dissolve, evaporate, fade, go, leave, peter out, recede, stop, terminate, vanish
definition 10: to allow something to go unchallenged.
She let the insult pass without comment.
similar words:
be, go, lie, ride, sit
definition 11: to be approved or sanctioned.
The motion passed easily.
similar words:
definition 12: to successfully complete a test, course of study, or the like.
I know I didn't get an excellent score, but I'm sure I passed.
definition 13: to not accept something offered, or not take advantage of a chance or opportunity (usu. fol. by "on").
Thanks, but I think I'm going to pass on dessert tonight.He passed on the chance to study abroad because his family needed him.Poker tonight? No, sorry, I have to pass. I've got to get up early tomorrow.
definition 14: to cease to live; die.
He passed in his sleep during the night.
depart, die, pass away, pass on
similar words:
expire, go, perish, succumb
definition 15: to happen.
How did these events pass without our being aware of them?
befall, happen, occur, take place
similar words:
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phrase: come to pass, pass away, pass on, pass out, pass up
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a means of passage, such as a road, channel, or gap, through which one can travel.
The storm made it impossible to get through the mountain pass.
similar words:
channel, corridor, course, defile, gap, passageway, path, road, route, way
definition 2: a ticket or permit allowing one to enter, come, or go freely.
The reporter showed the guard her pass and she was let through.You can't cross into the other zone without a pass.We bought a summer pass for the swimming pool.
similar words:
authorization, license, permission, permit, ticket, visa
definition 3: a limited, often half-hearted, effort or attempt.
He made a pass at cleaning up the mess and then went to bed.
similar words:
attempt, effort, try
definition 4: a romantic suggestion or overture.
He made a pass at her, but she wasn't interested.
advance, proposition
similar words:
come-on, move, overture
definition 5: state of affairs; predicament.
Well, we've come to a pretty difficult pass and I'm not sure what we can do now.
position, situation
similar words:
fix, impasse, juncture, pickle, predicament, stalemate, state, strait
definition 6: in some sports, an act of passing.
The quarterback threw a very accurate pass.
similar words:
flip, hurl, lob, throw, toss
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derivation: passing (adj.)
Word Builder: pass +
  • passing1:
    of a grade, good enough to pass
  • passing2:
    of the lane of a highway, giving space in which to pass another car.
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