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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: poses, posing, posed
definition 1: to take or hold a bodily position, as in modeling clothing or having one's likeness painted or photograph taken.
The photographer asked us to pose both standing and sitting.She poses for an art class on Thursday evening.
similar words:
definition 2: to pretend to be, or represent oneself as, what one is not.
A police officer may pose as a criminal in order to gain information.
act, masquerade, sham
similar words:
counterfeit, dissemble, fake, feign, pretend
definition 3: to assume an affected manner or attitude.
He was always irritated at the way his wife posed at these dinner parties.
attitudinize, posture
similar words:
boast, brag, bullshit, show off
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to arrange or position in order to make a picture of.
The photographer posed the bride and groom with the groom standing behind the bride with his arms around her waist.
similar words:
arrange, place, posit, position, posture, seat, set, situate
definition 2: to present or propose.
The manager's resignation posed several problems for the restaurant's owner.You've posed a difficult question.I wonder if I could pose a suggestion that may help solve this problem.
advance, present, propose, propound, put, submit, suggest
similar words:
broach, moot, offer, posit, postulate
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a fixed position or attitude, such as one assumed by a model.
The dancer held her beautiful pose for several seconds.
attitude, posture, set, stance
similar words:
air, bearing, carriage, cast, demeanor, look, mien, position, situation
definition 2: a false identity or affected manner.
She appears well-read and sophisticated, but it's only a pose.
affectation, airs, posturing, pretense, show
similar words:
act, braggadocio, bullshit, display, hypocrisy, imposture, masquerade, sham
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derivation: posingly (adv.)
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  body, film, photography
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