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Word Combinations (noun), Homophone Note
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the state or condition of being present.
Your presence at every meeting is required.He was so quiet that I was not aware of his presence until he coughed.
similar words:
attendance, existence, occurrence, subsistence
definition 2: a condition of close proximity in time and space.
You must bow in the presence of the king.
similar words:
closeness, company, midst, proximity, vicinity
definition 3: a person's projection of poise or self-assurance.
The young girl's presence, in addition to her talent, greatly impressed the audience.
similar words:
bearing, carriage, confidence, demeanor, poise, self-assurance
definition 4: a supernatural influence felt to be near.
He did not believe in ghosts; nevertheless he felt a presence in the house that he could not explain.
similar words:
force, ghost, phantom, specter, spirit
definition 5: a country's influence in another country, esp. as shown by military or economic activity.
The protesters demonstrated against the foreign nation's continued presence in the region.
similar words:
forces, influence, occupation
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Homophone Note
The words presence and presents sound alike but have different meanings. "Presents" is the plural form of present (a gift).