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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: proves, proving, proved, proven
definition 1: to show (something) to be true, valid, or genuine.
The prosecutor failed to prove the prisoner's guilt.Tests proved that the water was unsafe to drink.[verb + (that) + clause ] The student proved to the professor that his answer was in fact correct.[verb + to smby/smth + object ] I don't believe it; you will have to prove it to me.
authenticate, confirm, establish, validate, verify
disprove, refute
similar words:
attest, certify, corroborate, demonstrate, evidence, justify, manifest, show, substantiate, support, sustain, uphold
definition 2: to attest to (someone or something) being a certain way or possessing a certain quality or worth.
The new evidence proved him innocent of the charge.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] She proved herself capable of handling the job.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] The tests proved the new product safe for consumer use.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ]
definition 3: to measure the quality of by testing or demonstrating.
The new parachutes have been proved by the space agency.
assay, try
similar words:
analyze, demonstrate, test
definition 4: to show (oneself) to be worthy.
You must prove yourself before we allow you to become a member.
demonstrate, display, manifest, reveal, show
similar words:
evidence, exhibit
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to be found or shown in the final assessment.
The theory eventually proved true.All those efforts proved to be for nothing.[verb + infinitive ] The rumors proved to be false.
similar words:
come out, end up, eventuate, turn out
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derivations: provable (adj.), proved (adj.), proven (adj.), provably (adv.), provability (n.)