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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the part of music designated for the voice or instrument in the lowest range of pitch, or musical tones produced in the low range.
My father sings bass in the church choir.I can't hear the bass very well with these speakers.
definition 2: a person who sings the lowest part in a group of singers, especially in a group which is divided into four ranges of pitch from high to low.
Our chorus has plenty of tenors, but we really need a few more basses.
definition 3: the largest stringed instrument of the orchestra, having the lowest range of pitch and played with a bow; double bass.
She studied cello first, but now she's playing the bass.
bass viol, contrabass, double bass
definition 4: the instrument within a family of musical instruments that plays the lowest tones.
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part of speech: adjective
definition: of or pertaining to the lowest musical tones or to sound at a low pitch.
His voice is not low enough to sing the bass parts.He's learning to play bass guitar.The judge's voice rang out in bass tones.
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Homophone Note
The words bass1 and base sound alike but have different meanings. To find out why a bass player would not like to be called a base player, look up base.
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