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take a bath
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a process of washing or soaking something in order to cleanse, refresh, or heal.
soak, wash, washing
similar words:
ablution, cleaning, immersion, rinse, sauna, scrub, scrubbing, shower, soaking, sponge
definition 2: the water or other liquid in which one soaks one's body or a part of one's body.
He sat in the warm bath and sponged himself.The nurse put the patient's burned hand in a medicinal bath.
similar words:
ablution, soak, solution, suds, water
definition 3: a liquid added to bath water to enhance it.
The bubble bath I bought smells wonderful and makes a lot of bubbles.
similar words:
soak, wash
definition 4: (often pl.) an establishment where people go to take a bath or to obtain therapy.
Many of the townspeople still frequent the public baths.The baroness often went to the hot spring baths for her health.
similar words:
health club, natatorium, sanatorium, sanitarium, sauna, spa, sudatorium, Turkish bath
definition 5: a bathroom.
Their home has four bedrooms and two baths.
bathroom, toilet, washroom
similar words:
can, comfort station, commode, latrine, lavatory, lounge, outhouse, powder room, privy, restroom, water closet
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phrase: take a bath
Word Builder: bath +
  • bathmat:
    a mat on the floor near a bathtub to absorb water.
  • bathroom:
    a room where people wash and use the toilet.
  • bathtub:
    a large tub in which a person can wash.