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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a book that officially records names, events, or other information.
The desk clerk then asked him to sign the hotel register.
similar words:
definition 2: an entry placed in such a book.
definition 3: a mechanical device, such as an adding machine, for recording precise quantitative data.
definition 4: a document carried by merchant ships to show their country of origin.
definition 5: a cash register.
The clerk opened the register, deposited the payment, and gave the customer his change.
cash register
definition 6: a gratelike opening, often in the floor, through which a room can be heated or cooled.
The room was cold because the register had been closed.
duct, vent
definition 7: the range of a musical instrument or voice.
The high notes are hard for her because her voice is in the low register.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: registers, registering, registered
definition 1: to enter in a register, esp. for purposes of the law.
You have to register your car every two years.The police found a gun in the car, but it had not been registered.
enroll, enter, log
similar words:
book, lodge, note, record, sign, tally
definition 2: to indicate (feeling or emotion) by gesture or expression.
We expected her to be upset, but her face registered no emotion.
betray, show
similar words:
bespeak, cast, evince, indicate, reflect, reveal
definition 3: to show, as on an instrument or scale.
The butcher piled bacon on the scale until it registered three pounds.
indicate, read, show
similar words:
cast, display, exhibit, manifest, reveal
definition 4: to cause (mail) to be officially recorded, so as to insure against loss or theft.
It was an important document, so I decided to register it before mailing.
similar words:
certify, insure
definition 5: to enroll, as in a course of study or as a voter.
The college registered more foreign students this year than ever before.
enroll, sign up
similar words:
enter, join, matriculate
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to have one's name put in an official register; enroll.
Have you registered to vote yet?I registered early for all of my spring classes.He registered for the draft in 1968.
enroll, sign up
similar words:
enlist, join, matriculate
definition 2: to enter one's name, and often other information about oneself, on a guest list or list of event participants to show that one is in attendance.
We are at the hotel now but our friends haven't registered yet.
sign in
definition 3: to make an impression.
Did my point register with you?
similar words:
dawn on, penetrate, soak in
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derivation: registrable (registerable) (adj.)
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  • registered:
    having signed up for something; on an official list.
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