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Word Combinations (verb), Grammatical Patterns
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: renders, rendering, rendered
definition 1: to present for payment or consideration.
Your payment is overdue: Please render the amount due within ten days.Would anyone else like to render their opinion on this matter?
offer, present, proffer, submit, tender
definition 2: to cause to become; make.
He tried to escape, but his broken leg rendered him helpless.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] The accident rendered her a quadriplegic.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] Beating the cream longer will render it butter.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ]
definition 3: to give or offer, especially in order to help or assist.
The Red Cross rendered aid to the needy during the emergency.
furnish, give, provide
similar words:
accord, afford, bestow, grant, supply
definition 4: to officially and formally pronounce.
They waited anxiously for the judge to render his verdict.A verdict of not guilty was rendered by the jury after weeks of deliberation.
deliver, pronounce
similar words:
declare, proclaim, return
definition 5: to express in a foreign language; translate.
In English, the Japanese expression "sumimasen" is sometimes rendered "Thank you" and sometimes "I'm sorry."
construe, interpret, transcribe, translate
similar words:
decipher, transliterate
definition 6: to represent or interpret, as in a work of art; depict.
This portrait renders my mother's character very truly, I believe.
depict, do, represent
similar words:
interpret, portray
definition 7: to melt (fat).
The fat rendered from the bacon was used in other cooking.
similar words:
liquefy, melt
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derivation: renderer (n.)