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rih port
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a statement or account of something, usu. detailed.
I did a good deal of research on the subject and then wrote up my report.The report on India included some interesting statistics.Did you hear the news report last night?
similar words:
account, bulletin, pop, proceeding, statement, study
definition 2: an account of something that is widely circulated.
We were alarmed by reports of break-ins in the neighborhood.
definition 3: an account of a person's performance, esp. a student's grades.
Her hard work was reflected in her grade report.
definition 4: a loud or explosive noise.
We heard the report of a rifle in the distance.
bang, blast, crack, noise, sound
similar words:
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: reports, reporting, reported
definition 1: to present an official account or statement of.
The detective reported the results of his investigation.The Times reported the story last week.
similar words:
announce, chronicle, delineate, describe, detail, disclose, record, recount, reveal, state, tell, write, write up
definition 2: to write or give an account of for publication or distribution.
This channel reports the news twenty-four hours a day.
print, publish
similar words:
cover, write, write up
definition 3: to tell; relate.
After the surgery, the doctor reported the good news to the waiting relatives.The man reported to the police that he'd seen someone enter the building.[verb + to smby/smth + object ] After jumping in and testing the temperature of the water herself, she reported that it was perfect for swimming.[verb + (that) + clause ]
relate, state, tell
similar words:
cover, describe, detail, divulge, narrate, recount, rehearse, repeat, say
definition 4: to state the occurrence or presence of.
A neighbor reported hearing a very loud noise around eleven o'clock.[verb + gerund ] A witness reported an accident occurring around ten a.m.I've reported the problem to the landlord numerous times.Some people reported a bear in the neighborhood over the weekend.
definition 5: to make a charge or complaint against.
A neighbor reported the thief to the police.The professor reported his colleague as a spy.
similar words:
accuse, charge, denounce, inform against, tattle on
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to prepare and present an account of something.
When she's gathered all the details about it, she'll report to us.
definition 2: to function as a newspaper reporter.
He's been reporting for the Times for several years now.
similar words:
investigate, write
definition 3: to present oneself.
She reported for work two hours early.The soldiers reported for duty.
show up
similar words:
appear, arrive, check in, present oneself
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derivation: reportable (adj.)
Word Builder: report +
  • reporter:
    a person who reports the news for a newspaper, a magazine, or a radio or television station.
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