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ride out
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: rides, riding, rode, ridden
definition 1: to sit on the back of a horse or other animal and direct its movement.
I've ridden on a camel but never on an elephant.
similar words:
mount, rein
definition 2: to be conveyed or borne by a vehicle or other means of locomotion.
I rode my bike, but the others rode in the car.
drive, go, travel
similar words:
balloon, bike, cruise, cycle, motor, proceed, sail, taxi, tour
definition 3: to travel or move in a specified way.
This car rides very smoothly.
go, handle
similar words:
drive, function, operate, run, steer
definition 4: to be sustained or carried.
We were riding on a tide of enthusiasm and never dreamt anything could go wrong.
coast, sail
similar words:
drift, float, move, travel
definition 5: to depend.
Too much rides on his decision.
depend, hang, hinge
similar words:
float, rest
definition 6: to proceed without interference.
Can we let the situation ride for awhile?
go, lie, pass, rest
similar words:
coast, lapse, remain
definition 7: of a heavenly body, to seem to float.
similar words:
float, hang, suspend
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to sit on the back of and direct (a horse or other animal).
They rode donkeys down into the canyon.
similar words:
control, guide, handle, manage, mount, rein, steer
definition 2: to be conveyed or borne by.
We rode the train.
similar words:
drive, sail, take
definition 3: to be sustained or carried by.
They are riding a tide of good fortune.
similar words:
sail, travel
definition 4: to move over, along, or through; travel; traverse.
He rode the back roads.
travel, traverse
similar words:
cruise, sail, tour
definition 5: to control or tyrannize.
Stop riding me!
browbeat, bully, drive, hector
similar words:
badger, bait, deride, domineer, harass, harry, plague, tyrannize
definition 6: to participate in by riding.
She rode two races today.
definition 7: to cause to be carried away.
They rode him out of town.
similar words:
drive, force
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phrase: ride out
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an act of riding or a journey on an animal or in a vehicle.
It was a nice day so we felt like taking a ride in the car.The ride to my office takes an hour by subway.I saddled the horse and went for a long ride.
drive, journey, trip
similar words:
lift, outing
definition 2: a large mechanical device or a set of smaller mechanical devices specially designed for people to ride for amusement or excitement. Rides are typically found at fairs and amusement parks.
They went on all the rides at the fair.Their favorite ride is the roller coaster.
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Word Builder: ride +
  • rider1:
    a person who rides.
  • rider2:
    a clause added to an insurance policy to insure specific things.
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