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ride out
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: rides, riding, rode, ridden
definition 1: to sit on the back of a horse or other animal and direct its movement.
I've ridden on a camel but never on an elephant.
similar words:
mount, rein
definition 2: to be conveyed or borne by a vehicle or other means of locomotion.
I rode my bike, but the others rode in the car.
drive, go, travel
similar words:
balloon, bike, cruise, cycle, motor, proceed, sail, taxi, tour
definition 3: to travel or move in a specified way.
This car rides very smoothly.
go, handle
similar words:
drive, function, operate, run, steer
definition 4: to be sustained or carried.
We were riding on a tide of enthusiasm and never dreamt anything could go wrong.
coast, sail
similar words:
drift, float, move, travel
definition 5: to depend.
Too much rides on his decision.
depend, hang, hinge
similar words:
float, rest
definition 6: to proceed without interference.
Can we let the situation ride for awhile?
go, lie, pass, rest
similar words:
coast, lapse, remain
definition 7: of a heavenly body, to seem to float.
similar words:
float, hang, suspend
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to sit on the back of and direct (a horse or other animal).
They rode donkeys down into the canyon.
similar words:
control, guide, handle, manage, mount, rein, steer
definition 2: to be conveyed or borne by.
We rode the train.
similar words:
drive, sail, take
definition 3: to be sustained or carried by.
They are riding a tide of good fortune.
similar words:
sail, travel
definition 4: to move over, along, or through; travel; traverse.
He rode the back roads.
travel, traverse
similar words:
cruise, sail, tour
definition 5: to control or tyrannize.
Stop riding me!
browbeat, bully, drive, hector
similar words:
badger, bait, deride, domineer, harass, harry, plague, tyrannize
definition 6: to participate in by riding.
She rode two races today.
definition 7: to cause to be carried away.
They rode him out of town.
similar words:
drive, force
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phrase: ride out
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an act of riding or a journey on an animal or in a vehicle.
drive, journey, trip
similar words:
lift, outing
definition 2: a large mechanical device, such as a merry-go-round or ferris wheel, that people ride for amusement or excitement.
They went on all the rides at the fair.
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  • rider1:
    a person who rides.
  • rider2:
    a clause added to an insurance policy to insure specific things.
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