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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
bear in mind, bear up, bear with
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: bears, bearing, bore, born, borne
definition 1: to carry.
Donkeys were used to bear the provisions.Several strong men bore the sedan chair in which the prince rode.
bring, carry, convey
similar words:
cart, comport, deliver, have, lug, pack, take, tote, transfer, transport
definition 2: to support or hold up.
These beams bear the weight of tons of stone.
similar words:
afford, bolster, brace, carry, underpin, uphold
definition 3: to endure; put up with.
Those who could not bear the cold did not survive.Living with her critical and demanding in-laws was hard, but she bore it without complaint.I don't know how they can bear working under these terrible conditions.[verb + gerund ] She couldn't bear his acting in that juvenile way.[verb + possessive adj + gerund ] He could never bear to see his wife cry.[verb + infinitive ] She couldn't bear to tell them the awful news.[verb + infinitive ] Please go away! I can't bear you to see me like this![verb + smby/smth + infinitive ] His mother couldn't bear it when he and his father argued.[verb + it + when + clause ] I can't bear that you're leaving just when I need you the most![verb + (that) + clause ]
have, stand, suffer, sustain, take, tolerate, withstand
similar words:
abide, afford, brave, brook, endure, live, ride out, stomach, undergo
definition 4: to give birth to.
She bore seven children, but only four survived.
deliver, have, produce
similar words:
beget, breed, carry, engender, lay, litter, procreate, spawn, whelp
definition 5: to produce by growth.
The trees will bear leaves early in the spring.
produce, yield
similar words:
create, develop, engender, generate, give
definition 6: to take upon oneself or accept as a duty or obligation.
Who bears the responsibility for this?
accept, assume, shoulder
similar words:
absorb, carry, take on
definition 7: to hold within oneself (a particular feeling) in relation to another or others.
I bear only anger and resentment towards them.They had been the cause of the accident, but she bore them no ill will.[verb + object + object ] He had long borne a grudge against his former friend.Do you still bear me a grudge because I bought that property you wanted?[verb + object + object ]
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to go in a direction; turn.
Bear left at the traffic light.
similar words:
aim, bend, curve, go, head, tend, trend
definition 2: to bring offspring or fruit into being.
The pear tree will be bearing soon.
similar words:
breed, deliver, fructify, lay, litter, propagate, reproduce, yield
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phrase: bear in mind, bear up, bear with
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Are you looking for the word bare (without clothes)? Bear and bare sound alike but have different meanings.
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