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parts of speech:
intransitive verb, transitive verb, noun
in the long run, run across, run an errand, run around, run away, run down, run into, run low, run off, run out, run out of time, run over, run up
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: runs, running, ran, run
definition 1: to propel oneself forward by moving the legs very quickly so that all feet are briefly off the ground.
We were late, so we ran to the bus stop.The greyhounds ran around the track.
similar words:
bolt, bound, chase, dart, dash, fly, jog, race, scamper, scoot, scurry, scuttle, sprint, tear, trot
definition 2: to move quickly; make a fast trip.
I'll just run to the store and get some milk.Could you run downstairs and get me the other screwdriver?
dash, hop, hustle, pop
similar words:
chase, course, flit, fly, hotfoot, hurry, race, rush
definition 3: to move away quickly, as in retreat or escape; flee.
You were scared of the cops, so you ran!
bolt, escape, flee, retreat
similar words:
abscond, clear out, fly, hightail, mosey, scram, skedaddle, skip, split
definition 4: to seek office in an election.
The governor is running for reelection.She's decided to run for a seat in Congress.
similar words:
campaign, compete
definition 5: to function; operate.
This machine runs well, but the other breaks down frequently.This car can run on either electricity or gasoline.That restaurant has been running for at least twenty years.
function, operate, work
similar words:
act, behave, go, handle, manage, perform
definition 6: to flow, spread, spill, or discharge.
The river runs swiftly through the pass.Paint is running down the wall.
flow, stream
similar words:
course, discharge, empty, gush, issue, move, pour, roll, rush, seep, spill, spread, surge
definition 7: to move between places on a schedule, as trains or buses.
The trains run every hour on the hour.
similar words:
go, travel, traverse
definition 8: of fish, to migrate.
The fish have begun to run upstream.
similar words:
migrate, transmigrate
definition 9: to continue through time or space.
The movie ran for a week.
similar words:
continue, extend, go, remain
definition 10: to extend.
There's only one road that runs between these two small towns.
extend, go, stretch
similar words:
range, reach
definition 11: to reach a total (fol. by "to").
The amount of fabric you need should run to about twelve yards.The cost of the project ran to several thousand dollars.
definition 12: to be expressed in a certain way.
The story ran that she stole the dog.
similar words:
go, say
definition 13: to unravel.
Her stocking ran.
similar words:
snag, tear, unravel
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to move quickly over or along (a distance).
He ran three miles.
similar words:
course, race, sprint
definition 2: to cause to run, as in pursuit.
The cowboys ran the cattle up to higher ground.
drive, herd
similar words:
chase, course, shepherd, tend
definition 3: to perform or compete in by running.
She ran the marathon.
similar words:
compete in, do, race
definition 4: to transport, esp. illegal goods.
The smugglers ran guns across the border.
smuggle, transport
similar words:
bootleg, convey, dispatch, export, import, move, ship, sneak
definition 5: to operate, as an engine or other machine.
Don't run the air conditioner all night.
drive, operate
similar words:
propel, use, work
definition 6: to manage or keep in operation, as an event, organization, or business.
He ran a shoe business for three decades.Who is running the festival this year?
head, manage, operate, own
similar words:
administer, direct, handle, hold, mastermind, oversee, supervise
definition 7: to cause (an advertisement or the like) to be printed publicly.
The store ran a full-page ad to promote its largest sale of the year.
issue, print, publish
similar words:
circulate, produce
definition 8: to go quickly past or through.
The drunk driver ran a red light and two stop signs.
similar words:
course, speed through
definition 9: to make oneself exposed to.
She had the courage to run the risk of failing.
similar words:
assume, encounter, incur, meet, take
definition 10: to forcefully push against, off, or into something.
They ran me off the road.
similar words:
bump, drive, edge, force, push, sideswipe
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phrase: run across, run an errand, run around, run away, run down, run into, run off, run out, run out of time, run over, run up
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or an instance of running.
He takes a long run every morning.
similar words:
jog, snag
definition 2: a pace more rapid than a walk.
He circled the building at a run.
definition 3: a competitive instance of running; race.
She accomplished the best run of her life in today's race.
footrace, race
definition 4: a quick trip.
a run to the store
hop, trip
similar words:
definition 5: the distance covered in a period of running.
a ten-kilometer run
definition 6: free access or use.
He has the run of the house.
definition 7: a continuous length or uninterrupted period or series of something.
a run of railroad tracka run of lucka run of good novels
similar words:
definition 8: a continuous period of production, as in printing.
a run of one thousand copies
definition 9: an enclosed outdoor space for animals.
definition 10: an unraveling in a stocking or other knitted article.
definition 11: in baseball, a score.
definition 12: an effort to win office in an election.
His last run for office met with defeat.
definition 13: an instance or the process of fish swimming upstream to spawn.
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phrase: in the long run, run low
Word Builder: run +
  • runner1:
    a person who runs.
  • runner2:
    a long, narrow covering for a floor or table.
  • runner3:
    the long, thin metal piece on which a sled slides.
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