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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
get up on the wrong side of the bed, make a bed, put to bed
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a piece of furniture used for resting or sleeping.
The city hospital has three hundred beds.My bed needs a new mattress.
bunk, cot, fourposter
similar words:
berth, sack, truckle, trundle bed
definition 2: any place or thing used for resting or sleeping.
We slept in the barn on beds of straw.The dog seems to like his new bed.
berth, pallet, roost, sleeping bag
similar words:
bedroom, chamber, sack
definition 3: an area of ground used for planting, or the plants themselves.
We're putting in a new flower bed on the side of the house.
garden, patch, plot
similar words:
flat, plat
definition 4: the bottom of a body of water.
a lake bed
similar words:
base, channel, floor
definition 5: a supporting base or layer.
We put in a bed of gravel under the bricks.The shrimp are served on a bed of lettuce.
foundation, layer, substratum
similar words:
base, basis, deposit, lode, seam, stratum, substructure, support
definition 6: the area behind the cab of a truck on which the truck's cargo is loaded.
I lined the truck bed with a tarpaulin before loading the containers.
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phrase: get up on the wrong side of the bed
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: beds, bedding, bedded
definition 1: to give a resting or sleeping place to (often fol. by "down").
The farmer took pity on the hobo and bedded him down in the barn for the night.
similar words:
accommodate, billet, house, lodge, sleep
definition 2: to put to bed (often fol. by "down").
As children, we were happy to be bedded down in our grandmother's porch.
definition 3: to have sexual intercourse with (someone) in bed.
The king had bedded her, and she was now with child.
similar words:
lay, screw, seduce
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to have sleeping accommodations, as in a hotel.
They'll be bedding in a youth hostel while in Italy.
similar words:
bunk, lodge, room
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phrase: make a bed, put to bed
Word History
A Latin word that meant "to dig or burrow" was the origin of the English word bed.
Word Builder: bed +
  • bedtime:
    the time when someone goes to sleep.
  • bedroom:
    a room where people sleep and keep their clothing.
  • bedspread:
    a cloth cover for a bed.
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