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saengk shn
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an official or authoritative approval, as of an action, behavior, or the like; permission.
Under pressure from citizen groups, the city council refused to give sanction to the building project.
approval, authorization, consent, imprimatur, leave, license, permission, warranty
similar words:
approbation, blessing
definition 2: societal or public support for an action, course of action, or behavior.
The mayor's decision had the sanction of the people.
approval, assent, consent
definition 3: something intended to ensure compliance with a law, such as a penalty for disobedience.
Sanctions are in place to prevent such shady dealings.
determent, penalty
definition 4: an action taken by one or more nations and designed to force another nation to comply with a legal, ethical, or moral code.
The Council will impose sanctions on the small country if it continues to violate international laws.Trade has resumed now that economic sanctions have been lifted.
definition 5: a principle, consideration, or influence that lends binding force to a moral law, rule of conduct, or the like.
definition 6: an official decree or law.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: sanctions, sanctioning, sanctioned
definition 1: to authorize or permit; allow.
She sanctioned her son to sell her house and her other property.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ]
allow, authorize, empower, permit, warrant
similar words:
accredit, approve, countenance, endorse, entitle, legalize, license, pass, privilege, ratify
definition 2: to approve of; support.
The school does not sanction such behavior, and I can assure you that those who took part will be punished.The town does not sanction swimming in its reservoir but many do it just the same.[verb + gerund ] Her father reluctantly sanctioned her leaving home and getting her own apartment.[verb + possessive adj + gerund ]
allow, approve, back, endorse
similar words:
condone, consent, countenance, encourage, hold a brief for, OK, ratify, support
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derivations: sanctionable (adj.), sanctioned (adj.), sanctioner (n.)
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