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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, adverb, noun, interjection
go without saying, to say nothing of
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: says, saying, said
definition 1: to speak or utter.
How do you say this word in French?There is a "b" in the word "debt," but we don't say it.He shouldn't say words like that in front of the children.
speak, utter, voice
similar words:
articulate, communicate, phrase, pronounce, sound, tell, verbalize, vocalize
definition 2: to express in speech or written words.
He said that he felt sick and wanted to go home.[verb + (that) + clause ] What does she say in her letter?She said how glad she was to finally meet us.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ] I can't understand why he would say a thing like that!Did they say if they were coming or not?[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ] He said to his boss that he was planning to quit.[verb + to smby/smth + object ] She's so upset! What did you say to her?[verb + to smby/smth + object ]
similar words:
articulate, communicate, convey, deliver, enunciate, go, phrase, read, relate, state, tell, utter
definition 3: to communicate (some request or instruction) in speech or writing (fol. by an infinitive).
Mom said to stop what you're doing and come in for dinner.[verb + infinitive ] The boss said not to throw out those old bottles but to put them in the recycling bin.[verb + infinitive ] The recipe says to stir in the sugar gradually.[verb + infinitive ] Do the instructions say how to install the battery?[verb + WH/whether + infinitive ]
definition 4: to report.
They said on the news channel that the rumor is true.[verb + (that) + clause ] Scientists are now saying that the volcano is showing signs of eruption.[verb + (that) + clause ]
declare, disclose, maintain, relate, report
similar words:
allege, assert, claim, offer, pronounce, tell
definition 5: to state with assurance.
I cannot say what time he actually arrived.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ]
affirm, allege, assert, declare, state
similar words:
asseverate, aver, avouch, proclaim, put, report
definition 6: to recite or utter as in a formal situation.
Let us say a prayer for the dead.
similar words:
declaim, deliver, pronounce, render, speak, utter
definition 7: to show, as a clock.
My watch says it is three o'clock.[verb + (that) + clause ]
similar words:
display, indicate, show
definition 8: to indicate, suggest, or signify.
What does this tragic event say about our society?It's an attractive painting, but it doesn't really say anything.
indicate, suggest
similar words:
mean, signify
definition 9: to suppose or take as an assumption.
Let's say that you won the lottery; what would you do with the money?[verb + (that) + clause ]
assume, posit, suppose
similar words:
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to speak or express an opinion, idea, or directive.
The police asked for information about the young man, but no one was saying.You have no choice; you must do as I say.
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: approximately; about.
Give me, say, fifteen minutes to get ready.
about, approximately, more or less
similar words:
definition 2: for instance.
After every fight, he buys her something--say some roses--and when he gives them to her, she forgives him.
for instance, such as
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a chance to speak, esp. to express an opinion.
He wants his say in the matter.The children had no say in the decision to move.
definition 2: authority.
She has the say in this company.
authority, clout, control, sway
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part of speech: interjection
definition 1: used to get someone's attention.
Say, could I borrow your lighter?Say, I've got an idea! Let's invite everyone!
definition 2: used to express surprise or mild indignation.
Say! You're that little girl who lived next door!Say! That's my drink you're sipping!
phrase: go without saying, to say nothing of
derivation: sayer (n.)