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s saI ti
parts of speech:
noun, adjective
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part of speech: noun
inflections: societies
definition 1: a community or group of people who live in the same country or area and are linked with each other by such things as laws and customs.
The twentieth century saw a considerable change in how our society views women.Every society considers some behaviors acceptable and others unacceptable.
similar words:
circle, fellowship
definition 2: human beings as a whole.
The scientists believed their invention would benefit society.
similar words:
community, public
definition 3: a particular group that is in some way distinct from the community as a whole, or distinct from other groups of people as seen from a historical perspective.
polite societybourgeois societyElizabethan society.
definition 4: the upper-class or fashionable people generally.
She was expected to marry a member of society.Society shunned him when he wrote a book that mocked the lifestyle of the upper classes.
elite, gentry
definition 5: a group of persons associated for a particular purpose or activity in connection with shared interests or beliefs.
The local art society welcomes new artists and tries to assist them.The Women's State Temperance Society was founded with the goal of regulating and limiting the sale of alcohol.
association, club, guild, organization
similar words:
alliance, circle, crowd, order, union
definition 6: company; companionship.
His society is pleasant to me.
companionship, company, fellowship
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part of speech: adjective
definition: relating to elegant, fashionable, or genteel society.
He'd never been to one of these society dinners before and had no idea what to wear.Their engagement was announced in the society pages of the newspaper.
aristocratic, social, upper-class
similar words:
chic, elegant, fashionable, genteel, highborn, stylish
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