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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a raised platform; scaffold.
Once the stages were built, the work on the upper masonry began.
platform, podium, rostrum, scaffold
definition 2: a platform upon which lectures, music, or theatrical productions are performed.
In the first scene of the play, there are only two actors on the stage.
dais, podium, rostrum
similar words:
arena, platform
definition 3: the profession of acting in the theater (prec. by "the").
The stage had been her life, and adjusting to retirement was difficult.
acting, footlights
definition 4: a period or phase in the progression or development of something.
Back pain is not uncommon in the final stage of pregnancy.Adolescence is a stage between childhood and adulthood.
level, phase
similar words:
chapter, degree, mode, state, step
definition 5: a resting or stopping place during the course of a journey.
They got out of the coach and rested at each stage during their journey.
definition 6: the distance between two such resting places.
The first stage of the journey was twenty miles.
lap, leg
definition 7: a shortened form of "stagecoach."
The stage was due to arrive in town by noon.
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: stages, staging, staged
definition 1: to perform or exhibit on or as on a stage.
The repertory theater group will be staging two plays by Shakespeare this year.The drama teacher stages a talent show for the high school students every spring.The playwright was delighted that the producer finally agreed to stage her play.
enact, perform
similar words:
dramatize, mount, put on, represent
definition 2: to cause to be performed on the stage in a particular way.
It's the same play as they've performed before, but it's being staged very differently this year.
definition 3: to cause to take place, as an event or performance for public viewing.
Animal rights activists will be staging a demonstration outside the research facility on Saturday.
present, produce, put on
similar words:
definition 4: to present (something) to others in order to create a particular impression or illusion.
The friendly handshake between the two leaders was staged for the photograph.The movement of the tanks was staged to fool the enemy; in fact, the tanks were not even real.
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