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parts of speech:
intransitive verb, transitive verb, noun
can't stand, stand a chance, stand around, stand for, stand out, stand to reason, stand up for, stand up to
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: stands, standing, stood
definition 1: to assume or maintain an erect position of the body while having one's weight on one's feet (often fol. by "up").
As a salesclerk, he stands behind the counter all day.Everyone stands when the judge enters the courtroom.She stood up very quickly and then felt dizzy.
similar words:
arise, erect, rear, rise
definition 2: to maintain an upright position or to move or grow into such a position.
The castle has been standing for six hundred years.Few of the houses were standing after the tornado.The leaves stood in the wind.
similar words:
arise, erect, grow, mount, right, rise, straighten
definition 3: to halt; stop.
Cars may not stand in the fire lane.
halt, stop
similar words:
hold, rest, stay, wait
definition 4: to shift to another position or condition.
Please stand back.
move, step
similar words:
draw, shift
definition 5: to remain in effect.
Our offer will stand for another week.
hold, remain
similar words:
abide, continue, endure, exist, last, obtain, persist, prevail, rest, stay
definition 6: to become stagnant, as water.
similar words:
lie, pool, rest
definition 7: to be situated somewhere.
The church stands in the valley.
be, lie, sit
similar words:
place, rank, rest
definition 8: to hold to a specific opinion or attitude.
I stand on my record.
hold to
similar words:
adhere to, declare for, defend, hold out, persevere, persist, sanction, stand pat, stick to, uphold
definition 9: to measure a certain height.
He stands five feet tall.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ]
be, measure
similar words:
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to cause to be in an upright position.
She stood the ladder against the side of the house.He stood the flowers in the vase.
raise, upright
similar words:
erect, lift, place, position, put, rear, right, rise, set, upend
definition 2: to tolerate; endure.
I don't know how she stands such cruel treatment.He can't stand working for his brother anymore.[verb + gerund ] She can't stand being alone in the dark.[verb + gerund ] I couldn't stand his humming and talking to himself, so I moved to another room.[verb + possessive adj + gerund ] Please tell me the truth; I can't stand it when you hide things from me.[verb + it + when + clause ] He couldn't stand to live without her and fell into a serious depression.[verb + infinitive ] I can't stand that he treats you this way, and I'm going to do something about it![verb + (that) + clause ]
bear, endure, take, tolerate
similar words:
abide, brave, brook, countenance, deal with, face, live, stomach, suffer, sustain, weather, withstand
definition 3: to withstand without harm.
I barely stood the shock.
endure, weather, withstand
similar words:
bear, brave, cope with, handle, last, resist, survive, take, tolerate
definition 4: to undergo.
He is standing trial for rape.
similar words:
confront, experience, face, meet, submit to, suffer
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phrase: stand a chance, stand around, stand for, stand out, stand to reason, stand up for, stand up to
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of standing.
The soldiers had been relaxing on their bunks but made a quick stand when the officer entered the room.
definition 2: a ceasing of activity; standstill.
The machines came to a stand and the workers walked out.
halt, standstill, stop
definition 3: a spot where something or someone stands.
The guard returned to his stand after looking around the grounds.
position, station
definition 4: a determined attitude or position.
We must take a stand on this issue.
point of view, position, stance
definition 5: an elevated platform.
Chairs were arranged on the stand for the orchestra.
definition 6: a usually outdoor counter, stall, or movable serving facility where goods are displayed and sold.
We got some tacos at one of the many food stands at the festival.There's an ice cream stand! Let's stop and get some.
booth, stall
definition 7: a witness stand, the place in a court of law from which a witness testifies.
The witness took the stand and gave her testimony.
witness stand
definition 8: a table or rack for displaying or holding a certain thing.
The customer chose a magazine from the stand at the front of the store.
holder, rack
definition 9: a space reserved for taxicabs or limousines.
There were plenty of taxis at the airport stand.
definition 10: a stop on a performance tour.
The band played a one-night stand in Las Vegas.
definition 11: (pl.) the seats for spectators at a playing field or stadium; grandstand; bleachers.
We walked through the stands to find our friends.
bleachers, grandstand
definition 12: a growth of trees or upright plants such as corn or wheat.
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phrase: can't stand
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