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one's cup of tea
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an evergreen bush that bears white flowers and that grows primarily in China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka.
They've begun to harvest the tea.
definition 2: the dried leaves of this plant.
She poured boiling water over the tea.
definition 3: a beverage that is made by steeping dried tea leaves or herbs in hot water, served hot or cold.
He has coffee in the morning, but I prefer tea.Do you take milk in your tea?
definition 4: a social gathering or reception at which tea is served.
I've been invited to a tea at the University Club next week.
definition 5: (slang; old-fashioned) marijuana.
definition 6: (chiefly British) a light afternoon meal of tea and sandwiches, cake, or biscuits; or the time at which this meal occurs.
definition 7: (chiefly British) in some parts of Britain, the main evening meal, served early in the evening.
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phrase: one's cup of tea
Word Builder: tea +
  • tea bag:
    a small bag made of thin paper for holding tea leaves. You pour water over the teabag to make tea.
  • teapot:
    a pot in which you make tea.
  • teacup:
    a cup from which you drink tea.
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