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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a group of competitors on one of the sides in a sporting event or game.
Their son is on the football team.How many players make up the team?He decided to quit the team.
similar words:
band, corps, crew, league, side, squadron
definition 2: a group formed to work together.
She was asked to join a team of scientists who were working on the problem.
crew, party
similar words:
association, band, collective, company, corps, gang, league, shift, squad, squadron, staff
definition 3: two or more draft animals harnessed together in order to pull a conveyance.
The farmer plowed the field with a team of oxen.The carriage was drawn by a team of white horses.
four-in-hand, pair, span, yoke
similar words:
duo, tandem
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: teams, teaming, teamed
definition 1: to form a team (usu. fol. by "up").
Some of the people from work are teaming up to play baseball this summer.
associate, band, confederate, federate
similar words:
ally, cooperate, join, pair, unite
definition 2: to drive a team of draft animals.
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to form into a team.
confederate, federate
similar words:
ally, match, pair, unite
definition 2: to haul by using a team.
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Homophone Note
Are you looking for the word teem (to have in abundance)? Team and teem sound alike but have different meanings.
Word Builder: team +
  • teammate:
    a person who is on a team with you.
  • teamwork:
    work done together with others.
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