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th  weak form [or] thi  strong form
Homophone Note
part of speech: definite article
definition 1: used before nouns or noun phrases in order to specify something already understood.
The book (that I just mentioned) is a classic.
definition 2: used before titles.
the Prime Minister
definition 3: used to indicate something fashionable or distinctive.
the restaurant in town
definition 4: used before nouns of climate or natural forces.
the weatherthe sun
definition 5: used before the proper name of a group.
the English
definition 6: used before a proper geographic name.
the Mississippi River
definition 7: used to indicate a decade.
the sixties
definition 8: used before an adjective to convert it into a noun.
Should I wear the red or the green (dress)?
definition 9: used to indicate a generic group.
the animalsthe plants
definition 10: enough.
He didn't have the stamina to finish.
definition 11: per; each.
It sells for sixty cents the bushel.They are paid by the hour.
Homophone Note
The words the1 and thee can sound alike, but they have different meanings.