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part of speech: noun
inflections: bodies
definition 1: the physical substance and form of a person or animal, including limbs, organs, tissue, and all other parts.
The disease caused a rash all over the patient's body.
similar words:
figure, form, frame, person, physique, soma, system
definition 2: a dead body of a human being; corpse.
Some hikers came across a body in the woods and called the police.
carcass, corpse
similar words:
cadaver, remains, stiff
definition 3: the torso of a person or animal.
A lizard has a long body and short legs.
torso, trunk
definition 4: the main part of anything.
The body of the rocket will remain in orbit.
bulk, core, mass
similar words:
kernel, lion's share, majority, preponderance, weight
definition 5: a group of people, things, or ideas regarded in its entirety.
the student bodya body of knowledge
similar words:
aggregation, core, corporation, crowd, group, mass
definition 6: a large portion of land, water, air, or other matter with specific boundaries.
Oceans and lakes are bodies of water.
similar words:
area, territory
definition 7: fullness or strength.
Her hair is a nice color but it has no body.a wine with body
fullness, substance
similar words:
density, richness
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