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parts of speech:
intransitive verb, transitive verb, noun
can't wait, lie in wait, wait on, wait up, wait upon
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: waits, waiting, waited
definition 1: to keep oneself inactive or in one place until an anticipated event occurs (often fol. by "for" or "until").
We're waiting for the mail to come.[verb + for smby/smth + infinitive ] She waited for him at the theater, but he never arrived.I waited at the bus stop for at least an hour.They waited to tell her the awful news until after the party.[verb + infinitive ]
await, bide
similar words:
bide one's time, expect, hang on, hold one's horses, sit tight
definition 2: to slow down or linger until another person catches up.
He was slow, so we waited for him.
linger, pause
similar words:
bide, dally, dawdle, delay, dilly-dally, hang on, hesitate, loiter, tarry
definition 3: to remain ready for or in expectation of something.
We're all waiting for spring.He was waiting for his chance to move up in the company.
abide, await
similar words:
bide, hang on, sit tight, watch
definition 4: to be temporarily delayed or neglected.
The new house will have to wait until we have more money.
similar words:
delay, filibuster, hesitate, procrastinate, recess, suspend
definition 5: to work as a waitress or waiter.
I've worked as a host in restaurants, but I've never waited before.
phrase: wait up
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to stay in one place, position, or situation in expectation of; await.
Please wait your turn to be served.
abide, anticipate, await
similar words:
count on, expect
definition 2: to cause to be delayed; postpone.
I will be late so don't wait dinner for me.
defer, delay, postpone
similar words:
hold, procrastinate, prorogue, shelve, stall, stay, suspend, table
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phrase: wait on, wait upon
part of speech: noun
definition: the act, instance, or period of waiting.
There was a long wait to see the doctor.
delay, holdup
similar words:
deferment, halt, holding pattern, intermission, interval, moratorium, pause, stay, stop, stopover, suspension
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phrase: can't wait, lie in wait
wait for or wait on?
Wait on means to serve a customer, as in a restaurant or store. Wait for is more common and means to stay in a place or situation until some expected event happens.
  • A nice person waited on us at the restaurant today.
  • I waited for my son outside his school.
Homophone Note
The words wait and weight (heaviness) sound alike but have different meanings.
Word Builder: wait +
  • waitress:
    a woman whose job is to wait on customers at a restaurant.
  • waiter:
    a person whose job is to wait on customers at a restaurant.