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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
wear away, wear down, wear off, wear out
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: wears, wearing, wore, worn
definition 1: to have or carry on one's person as a covering or ornament.
He wears a suit to work everyday.She has a lot of jewelry that she has never worn.Her parents said she was too young to wear makeup.He wore a mustache when he was in college.
similar words:
bear, display, don, dress in, flaunt, put on, show off, sport
definition 2: to cause to erode or be damaged through prolonged use, friction, or exposure.
Constant crawling wore the knees of his jeans.
abrade, erode
similar words:
batter, chafe, corrode, damage, deteriorate, disintegrate, eat, fray, frazzle, fret, furrow, gnaw, grind, groove, scour, tatter, wash away
definition 3: to create (a hole or other damage) by prolonged use, friction, or exposure.
She wore a hole in her sleeve.
similar words:
fray, fret, gnaw, rub, tear
definition 4: to weaken; exhaust.
This child is wearing my patience.
exhaust, fray, weaken
similar words:
batter, deplete, drain, exasperate, fatigue, frazzle, prostrate, sap, strain, tax, tire, weary
definition 5: to adopt, display, or alter one's appearance by.
The detective wore a disguise.Though she was grieving, she wore a smile.Her face wore an attitude of complete confidence.
adopt, assume, don
similar words:
bear, display, evince
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to deteriorate or sustain damage through prolonged use, friction, exposure.
The pipes are beginning to wear.The soles of my shoes are starting to wear.
deteriorate, erode
similar words:
corrode, damage, degenerate, disintegrate, fray, frazzle, fret, furrow, perish, shred, tatter, tear, wash away, waste, weaken
definition 2: to become a specified way through prolonged use, friction, or exposure.
This old coat is wearing thin.
similar words:
age, become, grow
definition 3: to resist deterioration; last.
These tires will wear for years.
hold out, last
similar words:
continue, endure, survive
definition 4: to pass slowly or tediously.
The days wore on as they waited for some good news.
similar words:
dawdle, elapse, grind, idle, linger, pass
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phrase: wear off, wear out
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of wearing.
similar words:
definition 2: the condition of being worn.
definition 3: use.
Our house has had a lot of wear.
similar words:
application, employment, exercise, service, usage
definition 4: clothing of a specified kind.
This part of the store is for women's wear.
clothing, dress
similar words:
apparel, attire, costume, duds, garb, garments, habiliment, habit, raiment, togs, vestments
definition 5: damage or deterioration caused by prolonged use.
The coat had threadbare sleeves and other signs of wear.
deterioration, erosion
similar words:
abrasion, attrition, corrosion, damage, depreciation, disintegration, fraying, tattering
definition 6: the ability to resist deterioration through use; durability.
This fabric still has a lot of wear in it.
durability, strength
similar words:
resilience, toughness
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phrase: wear away, wear down
derivation: wearer (n.)
Homophone Note
The words wear, ware, and where sound alike but have different meanings.
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