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parts of speech:
adjective, noun, transitive verb
hold a brief for
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part of speech: adjective
inflections: briefer, briefest
definition 1: short in duration.
We had only a brief conversation because he was in a hurry.
short, short-lived, transient, transitory
eternal, long
similar words:
ephemeral, fleeting, fugitive, impermanent, little, momentary, passing, temporal, temporary
definition 2: using the minimum number of words; terse or concise.
Please be brief and get to the point.
compact, concise, laconic, succinct, summary, terse, thumbnail
similar words:
compendious, condensed, crisp, elliptical, pithy, shortened, sketchy, to the point
definition 3: of clothing, short, small, or revealing.
That skirt is a bit brief to wear to the office, don't you think?
revealing, scanty
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a short, concise synopsis or statement.
You'll understand the report better if you read the brief first.
abstract, capsule, outline, précis, summary, synopsis
similar words:
compendium, memorandum
definition 2: a formal outline of information and arguments used in a legal case or other matter.
The lawyer looked over his brief once more before going up to the courtroom.
similar words:
argument, defense, document, memorandum, outline
definition 3: (pl.) close-fitting underpants for males or females that extend from the tops of the legs to the waist.
He prefers briefs to boxer shorts.She's sixteen now, and she hates that her mother still buys her cotton briefs.
drawers, underpants, undershorts
similar words:
trunks, underclothes, undergarment, underwear
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phrase: hold a brief for
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: briefs, briefing, briefed
definition 1: to advise by means of a summary.
I will brief you on what was discussed in the meeting this morning.
similar words:
acquaint, advise, enlighten, fill in, inform, instruct
definition 2: to make a short summary of.
Could you brief the proposal for us?
abstract, sketch, summarize, synopsize
similar words:
abbreviate, abridge, condense, shorten
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derivations: briefly (adv.), briefness (n.)
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