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mix up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to confuse (one thing or person with another).
He always mixes up the words "site" and "cite" because they sound the same.I mixed up the dates for my dentist appointments.I don't know why I always mix up those two actors.These plants look very similar so it's easy to mix them up.
definition 2: to make (someone) confused.
His poor explanation only mixed me up more.The wrongly-placed traffic sign mixed up the drivers.
definition 3: to put (things) out of their correct order or arrangement, or to intentionally put (things) in a different order or arrangement.
I'm sorry if I mixed up your books.All the labels are in exact order now, so try not to mix them up.I accidentally mixed up the presents, and now I don't know who gets which one.Now, mix up all the playing cards and then pick one, but don't show it to me.
definition 4: to combine (things) together thoroughly.
Mix up all the ingredients in the blender.