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turn up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to increase the power, volume, temperature, or brightness of (something), as by turning a dial.
I turned up the volume on the TV.He turns up the air conditioning when we leave.I can't hear the radio. Can you turn it up a bit?
dim, lower, turn down
definition 2: to appear or arrive late, unexpectedly, or in a certain (specified) state.
The guest of honor finally turned up one hour late.The lost dog turned up in a town sixteen miles from here.One day her ex-husband, whom she hadn't seen in over ten years, just turned up on her doorstep.The boy turned up in an awful state--rain-soaked and with one shoe missing.
similar words:
show up
definition 3: to find (a lost or surprising thing).
The archivist turned up a valuable manuscript.