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break up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to break or be broken (into pieces or sections).
To get the fire started, you need to break up those big logs.The poem breaks up into three main sections.
definition 2: to end or disperse.
Someone should break up that fight before somebody gets seriously hurt.With the spectacle over, the crowd began to break up.
definition 3: to end a romantic relationship; separate.
He said he wants to break up with me!The couple broke up in June.
definition 4: to lighten (something intense or monotonous) by means of periodic breaks or shifts in activity or mood.
To break up the three-hour seminar, refreshments were served halfway through.
definition 5: (informal) to cause laughter in (someone) or succumb to laughter.
Your impersonations break me up.I broke up when I saw her baffled expression. She looked so funny!
definition 6: (informal) to fill with or be overcome by strong emotion.
Seeing his ex-wife with another man really broke him up.I'd never seen him cry, but he broke up when he saw his grandchild for the first time.