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get off

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to leave (a public vehicle) after riding.
Could you tell me where to get off the bus?I got off at the wrong stop by mistake.
definition 2: to finish using (a telephone or other device).
Could you tell him to get off the phone? I need his help now.
definition 3: to escape being punished for something, or receive only mild punishment for something one has done; be acquitted.
There was a lot of evidence against him, but he still got off.
definition 4: of a lawyer, to defend (a client) so that the client is not convicted or receives only a greatly reduced sentence.
He'd hoped his lawyer would get him off, but the evidence against him was too convincing for the jury.
definition 5: to leave (work) in accordance with one's employer's authorization or requirements.
With my new job, I start at seven every day and get off at three.I got off early yesterday because I had a dentist appointment.She got off late last night but she's getting paid overtime.What time do you get off work today?
definition 6: to leave or manage to leave; set forth.
We intended to leave around six, but we didn't get off till after seven.
definition 7: to remove one's body from something that it has been standing on or pressing down on.
The children were jumping on her bed and she told them to get off.Get off! You're hurting my foot.
definition 8: to manage to remove (something) that is on one's body or other surface.
This ring is so tight on me now that I can't get it off.Did you get off that stain that was on the counter?
definition 9: to manage to say, write, or send (something).
I'd only gotten off one paragraph when the instructor said that time was up.I finally got off a thank-you note to my grandmother; I'd been putting it off for a couple of weeks.
definition 10: (slang) to have an orgasm or cause (someone) to have an orgasm.