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put out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to stop the burning of (something).
The firefighters put out the fire in a few hours.They put out their cigarettes.If the candle is still burning, would you please put it out?
definition 2: to extinguish (a light).
What time did you put your light out?
definition 3: to extend outward (a hand, arm, foot, or the like).
The doctor asked her to put out her tongue.He put out his hand to her, but she did not take it.
definition 4: to place (something) outside one's house or business.
It's your turn to put out the garbage.The neighbors have put out a "For Sale" sign.
definition 5: to make (something) openly available for use or for taking.
I always put out all my ingredients before I start baking.I don't think we put out enough glasses for the all the guests.Their mother put out the Christmas decorations so the kids could start decorating the tree.
definition 6: to emit or expend.
This heater doesn't seem to put out much heat.You'll have to put out a little more energy if you want to do the task right.The factory used to put out huge amounts of soot.
definition 7: to publish.
We put out a new edition of the magazine every three months.
definition 8: to produce.
The company puts out thousands of these devices every year.
definition 9: (informal) to make (someone) unconscious with the use of anesthesia.
The dentist will put you out for the whole procedure, so you won't even know it's happening.
definition 10: to annoy or upset (someone).
Don't worry. You didn't put me out by telling me the truth.All of the passengers were put out by the delay.
definition 11: to cause (a player) to be out in a game of baseball, softball, or cricket.
The shortstop put out the runner at third base.This batter had walked in the previous inning, but the pitcher put him out in the second.