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go out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to exit; leave a place temporarily.
He was here a minute ago, but he must have gone out.I think they went out to lunch. They should be back by two.
definition 2: to stop burning or being lit.
It was cold in the room after the fire went out.Everyone got a bit nervous when the lights went out.
definition 3: to go somewhere outside of one's home, esp. for a meal, entertainment, or social engagement.
I don't feel like cooking tonight; let's go out.We won't be home tomorrow night; we're going out with some friends.
definition 4: to date; see someone romantically (often fol. by "with").
When did Sharon and Terry start going out?He was going out with her for a while, but they broke up last week.
definition 5: to become unpopular or unfashionable.
You're wearing THOSE?! I thought bell-bottom jeans went out in the seventies.
definition 6: in a game of cards, to play the last card in one's hand.
I went out first and waited for the rest to finish the game.Whoever goes out first is the winner.