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go off

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to explode.
Suddenly, the bomb went off and the bus was in flames.
definition 2: of a gun, to send out a shot.
He could not explain how the gun went off.
definition 3: to be activated to emit a sound.
The alarm clock is set to go off at six o'clock.
definition 4: to go away, especially without making any announcement of one's intention to leave.
He went off in an angry huff.I have no idea where she went; she just went off without even saying goodbye.
definition 5: to head somewhere for a particular purpose; leave in order to do something.
She went off to her piano lesson around four.When he was eighteen, he went off to join the Navy.
definition 6: to become extinguished.
The car's engine light was on, but now it has gone off.
definition 7: (informal) to proceed or turn out.
You should have been at the party! The surprise went off really well.
definition 8: to become spoiled or rotten.
I think this cheese has gone off.