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stick to

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to persist in or persevere at (something challenging).
He stuck to his studies and got his diploma.It's a great thing you're trying to do, and I hope you stick to it.
definition 2: to stay with or continue with a particular line of activity.
I was told I should stick to writing songs and forget about performing.
definition 3: to adhere or bond to.
Cat hair easily sticks to this fabric.This tape doesn't stick to that type of surface.
definition 4: not deviate from (a path, rules, guidelines, or the like); adhere to.
We're going to stick to the main highway this time.She was the kind of person who always stuck to her principles.I admit that I don't always stick to the rules around here.He's a good actor but he doesn't stick to the script all the time.
definition 5: to continue to hold firmly or resolutely to (an opinion, belief, promise, decision, or the like).
She stuck to her opinion no matter how much they tried to convince her otherwise.Thank you for sticking to your promise.It was his decision, and he stuck to it.