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d vaIz
parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: advises, advising, advised
definition 1: to give advice to; counsel.
His sister advised him against driving through the snowstorm.Can you advise us concerning the financial aid application?I don't know how to find a good dentist here; could you advise me?His friend advised him to wait a while longer before making a decision.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ] My doctor advised me not to eat fatty foods.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ] The embassy advised them that they should leave the country immediately.[verb + smby + (that) + clause ] She came to me for help, but I could not advise her what to do.[verb + smby + WH/whether + infinitive ]
advocate, counsel, guide, recommend
similar words:
admonish, direct, endorse, enjoin, instruct, prescribe, steer, tutor, urge
definition 2: to recommend or suggest; counsel.
The doctor advised having some tests done.[verb + gerund ] The lawyer advised that she protect her work with a copyright.[verb + (that) + subjunctive clause ]
definition 3: to inform; notify.
The committee will advise you of their decision within three weeks.
inform, tell
similar words:
disclose, impart, notify, relate, report
definition 4: disclose; reveal; impart.
Please advise where to send the money.[verb + WH/whether + infinitive ] The letter advised that our account was now closed.[verb + (that) + clause ]
disclose, impart, relate, reveal
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to offer advice.
It's a book written to advise more than inform.
similar words:
caution, educate, teach
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    a person who advises.
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