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baby doll [or] babydoll

beI bi dal
part of speech: noun
inflections: baby dolls
definition 1: (often pl.) a pajama set consisting of a short, loose-fitting nightgown, often decorated with ribbons, lace, or ruffles, and a matching panty.
She was hoping to buy some summer pajamas and found some cute baby dolls in the store.I used to sleep in baby dolls when I was a teenager, but now I just wear a T-shirt.
definition 2: a short, loose-fitting dress similar in style to a baby doll nightgown.
definition 3: a doll made to resemble a human baby.
The child took her baby doll with her everywhere she went.
definition 4: (old-fashioned) used as an affectionate or flirtatious term for a woman, esp. one's girlfriend or wife.