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take on

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: begin to engage in (new or additional duties, tasks, responsibilities, or the like).
I think you're ready to take on a challenging task.He feels now that he took on more responsibility than he could handle.
definition 2: to enter into a fight or competition with (a strong opponent).
He was a big brute, and all were surprised when the smaller man took him on.The activists decided to take on the whole industry of factory farming.With their apartments being without heat for weeks, the tenants got together to take on their landlord.
definition 3: to hire.
The factory is taking on new workers now.She took me on as her assistant last year.
definition 4: to adopt or acquire (something that makes a change in a person or thing).
I hate it when he takes on this air of superiority.The porch takes on a charming feeling at night when all the lanterns are lit.
definition 5: to accept or allow in.
The bus will take on more passengers when it reaches Florence.The ship is in danger and taking on water.