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get down

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to move one's body to a lower place or position.
The cat went up the tree and now it can't get down.It was difficult for the elderly man to get down from the X-ray table.There was a shot and somebody yelled, "Get down!"
definition 2: to become depressed.
I sometimes get down in the winter when it gets dark so early.
definition 3: to make (someone) become depressed or feel defeated.
These fights she has with her boyfriend get her down in a serious way.Work gets me down sometimes, but I bounce back pretty quickly.Bad things like this happen sometimes, but try not to let it get you down.
definition 4: to manage to record (something) in writing.
The professor talks so fast that it's hard to get down the main points.Could you tell me the phone number again? I couldn't quite get it down.
definition 5: to manage to swallow or eat (something).
I sometimes have trouble getting these large pills down.He's been eating so little during this illness; I'm glad he got down a little soup.
definition 6: (informal) to dance or play music with great involvement, skill, and energy.
The band was seriously getting down on that last number.
definition 7: (informal) to enjoy oneself without inhibition.
Did you see Derek and Ariana at the party last night? They were really getting down.