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put up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to erect or construct (something).
They're putting up a new office building on that corner.Let's put up the tent before we gather firewood.We're going to put up the Christmas tree tomorrow.
definition 2: to post (a sign, notice, or the like) in a place where it can be seen.
Signs were put up in the park telling people not to litter.
definition 3: to arrange (long hair) so that it stays on one's head rather than hanging down.
My maid of honor promised to put up my hair before the wedding.I wore my hair down for our first date, but I think I'll put it up for tonight.
definition 4: to provide (the necessary money for something).
The parents of one of the team members put up the money for the team's travel expenses.
definition 5: to provide (someone) with a place to sleep for the night.
My friends are putting me up for a couple of days while my apartment is being painted.
definition 6: to stay temporarily in a place that is not one's home.
Don't worry; we'll put up in a hotel downtown while we're in the city.
definition 7: to offer, display, or put forward (effort, resistance, or the like).
The neighborhood put up resistance to the proposed highway.The losing team were still praised for putting up a good fight against the winning team.Her child was not selected for the higher level math and she put up quite a fuss about it.
definition 8: to offer (something) for sale or auction.
The house stood abandoned for a couple of years; then the owner finally put it up for auction.She will be putting her house up for sale next spring.
definition 9: to nominate (someone) for election.
I wanted to put her up for council president but she declined.
definition 10: to surrender (a child or animal) for adoption.
The boy was put up for adoption at a young age.
definition 11: to cause (game animals) to come out from cover.