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cut off

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to remove (something) using a sharp tool such as a knife.
He cut off a piece of ham and put it on his plate.Could you cut me off a slice of that sausage?He'd gotten tired of his mustache and thought it was time to cut it off.
definition 2: to stop the supply of (something), especially something essential or strongly desired.
The electric company cut off the tenant's power after the tenant stopped paying the bill.The powerful nation cut off aid to the small country after the new and hostile leader came to power.The boy received a generous allowance from his father, but now his father had threatened to cut it off.
definition 3: to prevent (someone) from receiving something essential, desired, or expected.
The gas company cut them off without warning.She had been expecting a large inheritance, but, just before he died, her father cut her off.
definition 4: to stop (someone) from gaining access to a place or person.
The suspect looked like he was heading onto the freeway, but the police cut him off.The troops managed to cut off the enemy before they could reach the border.
definition 5: to block the means of access to (an area or place).
The fire cut off the east wing of the building.
definition 6: to interrupt (someone) as they are speaking.
He cut me off before I could explain what had happened.The construction noise kept cutting her off.
definition 7: of a telephone service or operator, to interrupt (someone) during a call by breaking the connection.
I was trying to place an order over the phone, but I was cut off.
definition 8: to pass (another driver) in an aggressive manner that usually causes the other driver to brake suddenly.
I nearly crashed into him when he cut me off near my exit.That obviously drunk driver just cut me off!