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pull up

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: of a vehicle, to come to a stop as directed by the driver.
A large black car pulled up to the curb in front of the hotel.
definition 2: to bring a vehicle to a stop at a certain chosen point.
He couldn't park in front of the hotel entrance, so he pulled up a little farther down the block.Pull up over there and let me get out.
definition 3: of a driver, to bring a vehicle to a certain point while continuing to drive.
The driver behind me pulled up next to me and signaled that smoke was coming out my tailpipe.
definition 4: to increase the altitude of an airplane or other aircraft.
As the plane approached the mountains, the pilot pulled up.
definition 5: (informal) to move over or grab (a chair or other seat) and sit on it.
Hey! We were hoping you'd come. Pull up a chair!
definition 6: to cause (someone) to stop or pause; check.
The sudden accusation pulled him up, and he couldn't think how to respond.