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start out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to begin an extended trip, project, or other major undertaking.
They started out on their journey in early May.They made little money when they started out in the business, but they were ultimately successful.
definition 2: to begin an important chapter of one's life, esp. one's adult career or marriage.
The couple needed help from their parents when they were starting out.
definition 3: to begin in a certain role, manner, situation, or state.
I started out as a teacher but switched to photography.The play started out off-Broadway, but moved to Broadway after two seasons.The couple started out happy, but they eventually separated.
definition 4: to have as one's original intention.
I didn't start out to be an accountant, but I found I was good at it.
definition 5: to begin at certain place or point.
The expedition started out at this point on the river and proceeded west.