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send out

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to send (the same note, letter, or other document) to a number of different people.
The couple sent out wedding invitations to all their friends and family.
definition 2: to cause to emit (substances or waves of light or heat) into or through the air.
The factory sends out a great deal of smoke every day.This flashlight sends out a strong beam of light.
definition 3: to cause to emit (a signal).
The captain sent out a distress signal but few ships responded.
definition 4: to dispatch (products).
Our factory sends out hundreds of these units per day.
definition 5: to have (someone) go to a place for a particular purpose.
We sent Richard out to get coffee for all of us.
definition 6: to order something for delivery.
We were hungry so we sent out for pizza.
definition 7: of plants, to put forth (new parts) during growth and development.
The plant sends out new shoots in the late spring.